Plain Medical File (A4, 2 Flap)

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Whilst all information is valuable, patient records carry a special significance. Every day, medical professionals are entrusted to make choices on the behalf of their patients. Without a patient’s information, it would be impossible for medical professionals to make informed decisions. Designed in consultation with Australian medical practitioners, the plain medical file keeps patient records available at a moment’s notice.

The plain medical file excels in two key areas:

  • Capacity. Patient records should all be available in one file, no matter the level of detail.
  • Speed. Rapid access to time-sensitive medical information is not negotiable.

All of our files allow individual records to be quickly located. However, allowing for detailed contents to searched rapidly was a new challenge. In the same way that our colour coded labels break large filing systems into smaller, easier to manage pieces, we realized that we would have to break the contents down into smaller, more useful sections.

With its two discreet pockets, the plain medical file allows for both rapid access and detailed record keeping. By storing detailed patient records in one pocket and time-sensitive information in the other, medical professionals can keep extensive patient records and ensure that time-sensitive information remains available at a moment’s notice.

Product Specifics

  • The unique two-flap design allows for paperwork to be separated into discreet sections
  • Indexing tab, inspired by the original 2D file, keeps the file’s labels easy to read at all times
  • A printed grid on the index tab makes applying labels quick and easy
  • Scored spine and expandable gusset allow the file to expand as needed
  • Plain Medical Files can be used in a wide variety of lateral filing applications including static shelving, mobile shelving and tambour door cabinets
  • Fasteners can be installed into the file for further security of documents

Accommodates papers of the following sizes (or smaller)

  • A4


Stores up to 200 sheets of 80gsm paper

Physical Dimensions

Once folded into shape, Plain Medical Files are 320mm long and 240mm tall. They are 2mm wide when empty and 20mm wide when full.

Re-order codes

Please be aware that our reorder codes have changed over time.

New Plain Medical Files use the alphanumeric re-order code F2D2FPL, but older stock may display the following numeric reorder code(s):

  • 20200
  • 165718

Additional information

Weight 0.06 kg
Dimensions 320 × 240 × 2 mm

No Fasteners, LP Tube Clips Set (base & top), Traditional Tube Clips Set (base & top)


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