Low Profile LP Tube Clip Set (3-in-1, Blue)

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LP tube clips bring all the advantages of a ring-binder to your lateral files.

File folders take up far less space than ring binders, but without anything to hold your paperwork in place papers can sometimes slide or fall out of folders. By contrast, ring binders hold papers securely but take up a lot of space.

That’s where our LP tube clips come in.

File folders with tube clips give you the best of both worlds. They take up far less space than ring or lever arch binders, but still hold paperwork securely. LP tube clips are comprised of an adhesive base (with two prongs), and two plastic parts (a bar used to hold the pages securely in place, and a U piece which allows pages to be added and removed easily).

Like traditional tube clips, these universal 3-in-1 clips work in much the same way as lever arch file mechanism, holding paperwork in place and allowing easy access without the need to remove the entire contents of the file. However, they differ from traditional tube clips in a number of meaningful ways.

Featuring a unique, low profile design, LP tube clips are made from a stronger plastic than most tube clip fasteners on the market. This results in a more rigid construction, a longer lifespan, and easier handling and use. The rigid bar keeps your papers flat, making sure your files stay thin. This means more files in the same amount of space, allowing for more space-efficient records storage. This slimming effect compounds, so the advantage is greatest for those with extensive filing systems.

This listing is for the full LP tube clip set (including adhesive bases, pressure bar and u-piece) in white. However, we do also sell the bases and tops separately. Please check our other listings, or feel free to contact us.

How to apply an LP tube clip

  1. Simply peel the adhesive base and stick it to your file (using the handy guide box provided).
  2. Then, slide the tubes through the holes in your paperwork.
  3. Next, slide the pressure plate onto the tubes. This will hold your paperwork firmly in place.
  4. Wrap the tubes through the raised notches in the pressure plate.
  5. Finally, insert the ends of the u-piece into the ends of the tubes.

Product Specifics

  • Available in white and ice-blue
  • 50mm long prongs
  • Capable of storing more than 700 sheets of 80gsm paper
  • Compatible with all Ausrecord file folders
  • Easy to use


Ausrecord tube clips feature 50mm long prongs, giving them the ability to store over 700 sheets of 80gsm office paper.

Re-order codes

Please be aware that our reorder codes have changed over time.

New LP tube clips (full set, blue) use the re-order code CTLP-SET-BLUE, but older stock may display any of the following reorder code(s):

  • 600071

Additional information

Weight 0.007 kg
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 1 mm


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