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Meet the new Script File by Ausrecord. The first filing system tailor-made for pharmacies.

Pharmacies are fast-paced environments and access to accurate information is vital when dispensing medicine. Despite this, pharmacists have previously had little choice but to devise their own solutions for records management. That is why we have designed the first commercially available filing system designed with the unique requirements of pharmacies in mind.

Keeping scripts on file is a great way for pharmacies to retain clients, yet scripts are so often hidden in drawers. Script Files are designed to move from drawers to shelves when you are ready, and let customers know that they can leave their scripts in safe hands.

Smaller than a standard C5 envelope, yet large enough to accommodate PBS scripts and tri-fold A4 papers, Script Files keep customer information in one convenient location.

Don’t have shelves, or just not ready to put your files on display? No problem, The Script file can be labelled along both the top edge and side edges, making them appropriate for either drawers or shelves. This means you can get started now and the next time you move or renovate, your files will be ready to move straight onto shelves where customers can see them clearly.

But the Script File is just the cornerstone of a comprehensive solution. The new Script File Rack is the perfect way to your Script Files neatly upright whilst on display, and our collection of 12mm (AKA half-size) labels are the tried and tested way to index your files.

Script Files don’t just show that you keep scripts on file, they also help pharmacists and staff access the right information quickly and eliminate misfiling, improving customer service and making life easier.

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