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A3 paper is great for big ideas, but it can be difficult to store. Luckily, our 2D A3 file is perfect for keeping big ideas organized. This A3 file folder is designed for larger documents that need to be stored but shouldn’t be folded.

The 2D A3 File is a recyclable and easy to use lateral file, but what really makes it unique is the easy-to-index spine. Clear labeling and an efficient index are absolute necessities when managing physical data. Just like the spine of a book, the spine of the 2D A3 file faces out from your shelf. When combined with our clear, vibrant and colour coded labels, this creates a great looking, organized system. It also splits even the largest filing systems into smaller, easier to manage chunks. This makes finding the right file quick and easy.

The 2D A3 File is designed to expand only as required for the smallest possible footprint. When empty, these files take up a mere 2mm on your shelf. When full, the 2D File can accommodate up to 200 sheets of 80gsm paper. We also offer a range of accessories, such as paper fasteners and tube clips, which allow these affordable files to replace larger, more expensive ring binders.

Compatible with our side tab labels and UV-style filing racks. Stores up to 200 sheets of 80gsm paper.

Product Specifics

  • Sold in packs of 10
  • The unique flap on the front edge wraps around the file contents, protecting documents from damage
  • Flap greatly enhances the visibility of file labels, serving as a book mark
  • Flap is specially marked to guide placement of alpha/numeric and index labels
  • Scored spine and expandable gusset allow the file to expand as needed
  • The 2D A3 File can be used in a wide variety of lateral filing applications including static shelving, mobile shelving and tambour door cabinets
  • Fasteners can be installed into the file for further security of documents
  • Great for heavy weight documents requiring tab and title visibility

Accommodates papers of the following sizes (or smaller)

  • A3
  • Foolscap


Stores up to 200 sheets of 80gsm paper

Physical Dimensions

Once folded into shape, 2D A3 files are 450mm long and 330mm tall. They are 2mm wide when empty and 30mm wide when full.

Re-order codes

Please be aware that our reorder codes have changed over time.

New 2D A3 Files use the alphanumeric re-order code F2DA3, but older stock may display the following numeric reorder code(s):

  • 20501
  • 100800

Additional information

Weight 0.08 kg
Dimensions 450 × 330 × 2 mm

No Fasteners, LP Tube Clips Set (base & top), Traditional Tube Clips Set (base & top)


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