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Tambour door cabinets are a unique storage solution. They feature flexible sliding doors made up of interconnected slats. When the cabinet is opened, the doors slide back into the side walls of the cabinet as if they were never there at all.

This is visually appealing, but it also makes these cabinets highly space-efficient and very safe. Since they don’t feature sliding drawers, tambour cabinets have a fixed footprint and don’t require any additional space whether open or closed. This makes it easy to plan your layout, and lets you fit more into your space.

Available in various heights, tambour door cabinets can take advantage of height in order to provide the maximum storage possible, or they can be short enough to fit under desks. In fact, several tambour cupboards can be placed together to create a ‘storage island’. Combined with wooden tops, these storage islands can become standing desks that double as storage. This is a great solution for collaborative, open-plan spaces.

Lockable, space-saving, great-looking and versatile, it’s no wonder that tambour door cabinets are one of our most popular storage solutions.

Available in White Satin and Silver Grey. Other colours available on special order.


Fully adjustable shelves

spare parts, clips, keys and shelves available.

Widths available (mm):

  • 900
  • 1200

Heights available (mm):

  • 680
  • 1020
  • 1200
  • 1340
  • 1980


These tambour door cupboards are always 457mm deep.

Additional information

Width (mm)

900, 1200

Height (mm)

1020, 1200, 1340, 1980


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