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Secure Document, File and Data Destruction

Running a modern business means working with information. Whether it be credit card information, personal details, blueprints or emails, your clients entrust you with their data and trust you to keep that data secure.

If your company collects any form of sensitive data from your clients, you should seriously consider secure data destruction services in order to avoid embarrassing and potentially costly data breaches. Ausrecord understands that information has a lifecycle and that when that lifecycle is over, that data should be erased, securely and permanently.

That is why we offer secure data destruction services for both paper and digital formats.

Scheduled Secure Document and File Destruction

Our regularly scheduled paper shredding and data destruction service. We provide you with secure bins and tailor a pickup schedule that suits your needs. All of our bins comply with Australian Standards EN840 and AS4123.

Once your paperwork has been securely shredded and the information destroyed, it is then moved to an off-site facility and responsibly recycled, ensuring security for both your company and the environment. We can also provide you with a Certificate of Destruction after each service for your records.

One-Off Secure Clear Out

No matter how much paper you need securely shredded, destroyed and removed, Ausrecord will come to your Perth home or office for a one-time cleanout.

This is a great option if your archive boxes are bursting or your filing cabinets just won’t close, but you don’t want to establish a regular pick-up. Ausrecord Professionals will collect your files or archive boxes full of documents and return them to our facility where they will be securely micro-shredded and then recycled.

Drop-Off Service

Finally, our most economical service – drop-off. Perhaps you only have a small amount of paperwork that you would like securely destroyed, or maybe you would rather make sure that you hand it over personally. Whatever the reason, we are happy for clients to drop their paperwork off in person to our Osborne Park location.

So if you would like to arrange a secure data destruction service, or if you have any questions at all, contact us and we will be happy to help.