Professional Installation Service

Professional Installation Services

Ausrecord has been offering installation services for over 25 years

Ausrecord has offered industrial storage installations, relocation and repairs for more than 25 years. Our qualified team of professional installers have undertaken projects all over Australia.

We offer both new and used pallet racking and offer quality installation services with our in-house installation team. By using our services you ensure your racking meets all legal requirements and is safe for staff use.

From Start to Finish

From start to finish your project can be managed entirely in-house by Ausrecord. This includes design, fabrication and installation. We ensure that you receive personalised service throughout the entire lifecycle of your project.

Safety is our top priority

Throughout the installation process, safety is our first priority. After the successful installation, we brief your staff on correct operating procedures. Racking installation projects include a rack safety manual and audit plan.

Ausrecord can guide you in optimising your space, ensuring your operations are efficient, improving stock control and that your storage is compatible with the highest possible standards of safety.

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