Colour coded labelling makes your filing system easier to use.

Filing System Optimization and Design Consultancy

Organized, easy to access data is crucial to the success of any successful business or organization. If you have paperwork, and most businesses do, keeping that paperwork secure, sorted, current and accessible should be a priority. Not least because there are often obligations to do so (tax and legal paperwork are just two examples), but also for the simple fact that having your information organized reduces stress, improves client confidence and helps to reinforce a professional culture in your workplace.

Nobody wants to hear that you’ve ‘misplaced’ their file.

Ausrecord has been designing, implementing and optimizing filing systems Australia-wide for decades, and we want to offer Australian professionals a chance to tap into that experience.

This is why we want to give businesses all over Australia a chance to tap into our decades of experience in designing and optimizing filing systems by offering a free consultation service.

Contact us to schedule an in-person consultation (Western Australia) or free advice over the phone or email (Interstate).